Briefly in English

Kulttuurikummit is a registered association based in Tampere, Finland. Our mission is to promote culture by developing culture communities' business know-how and management procedures. Our members have many years of experience in management, and they are very extensively interested in culture. 

To fulfil its mission, our association

  • arranges coaching events (mainly related to strategy and management) for culture producers
  • forwards culture support partners
  • provides board work development help
  • provides guidance in establishing a committee
  • arranges or is involved in the arranging of events where culture and business meet
  • through its operations, aims to have an impact on business, institutes of higher education, the city and culture understanding their mutual connections in the increasing of wellbeing

We provide culture producers with help in

  • the development of the strategy process or strategy content
  • management systems or management
  • marketing or sales development
  • product definitions
  • tackling financial challenges
  • client base management or the nature of the client base

Main operating methods

In coaching, our panel informs culture providers how they can develop their strategy and management. The goal is that culture providers are better able to identify their strengths and opportunities for success.

 Coaching is reviewed after completion to find out whether it was useful or not, and if yes, the culture producer may consider a culture support partnership. From among our people, we will find a suitable culture support partner for the culture producer. The culture support partner and the culture producer sign a fixed-term contract to agree on the goals of the partnership. 

A good board is a main precondition for successful operations. If the board of a culture producer needs reinforcing, we will help them find suitable, experienced candidates.

By establishing a committee, you get to try out ideas with persons who may have a supplementary impact on the culture producer's know-how.

What does this cost?

As culture support partners, we work because we like culture – therefore, our service is free of charge.

In their post, our community members must

  • operate in an unbiased, independent way
  • refrain from seeking financial or other benefits for themselves or for Kulttuurikummit
  • refrain from intervening with the artistic content of the culture producer's activities
  • with all kinds of methods, try to promote the success of the culture producer
  • aim to have sufficient information to handle their responsibilities
  • maintain the confidentiality of information obtained during the partnership after the task has been completed, unless expressly otherwise agreed with the culture producer, or unless the information is also otherwise available to third parties
  • aim to sustain a positive public image of Kulttuurikummit using a variety of methods

More information

If you would like to receive more information, please email our chairman: